• Upcoming Shows

    • April 10, 2015 11:00 pm(SIU) Pinch Penny Pub
    • April 11, 2015 10:30 pmHOME Bar, Arlington Heights, IL
    • April 17, 2015 10:00 pmNevins Brewing Company, Plainfield, IL
    • April 18, 2015 5:00 pmUnited Way Rock The Block-Normal, IL
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    • Oasis Wonderwall

      We’re back again with a Mike & Joe Video Tutorial! Mike is here showing us an acoustic version of Oasis’s Wonderwall. “Wonderwall” is a song by English rock band Oasis, written by the band’s guitarist and main songwriter Noel Gallagher. The song was produced by Owen Morris and Gallagher for their second album (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?.

    • Where do they play?

      We play all over!

    • Mike & Joe Private Parties

      Hey guys, first we want to say thank you to all of those who have been calling lately about private parties.  We love playing private events and we are glad to put together a custom performance for you.  Upcoming, we are re-creating a fraternity style barn dance, playing a large surprise 40th birthday concert in someones back yard, playing an acoustic concert in someones living room, and playing a large outdoor college reunion celebration at a country club.   If you would like to discuss a private event, brainstorm some ideas and call us.  317-696-0399.   Or e-mail:  joevalentino@bigstartalent.com

    • My Hero Bass Tutorial

      Here’s Cory with a bass tutorial on “My Hero”. “My Hero” is the third single from the Foo Fighters’ second album The Colour and the Shape. It was released as a single in 1998.

      *We do not own the music to this song. All rights are to Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl) and company, Recorded at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood, CA*

    • We’re on Bandcamp!

      You Can now download and stream all of our albums on Bandcamp, including This Dream and all of our Bootleg albums!

    • Mike & Joe Private Parties

      We recently posted a note about acoustic house concerts, but we did not expect the response to be quite so great.  Here is some additional info about the difference between Parties and Concerts:


      We do love playing private parties for you guys and can do that in a club that you rent, in a banquet facility, or even in your yard.  Yes, we said your yard.  It happens.  For a party we can bring the full Band or do an acoustic Mike & Joe set.  You decide what you want.  We’re just there to make your guests sing.



      Our concerts should really be called “Small Living Room Concerts.”  They are shorter sets, just Mike & Joe acoustic, and your guests are seated and listening; not dancing and drinking.  Dancing and drinking is a Party.  See above.  Our Living Room Concerts are quiet and pretty chilled out sort of affairs, about 75 minutes or so and usually on Sundays (or another weekday).


      Another way to describe the difference is that parties are on your terms.  It’s your party; we’re just there to help you have fun.  Concerts are really on our terms.  You are there to watch and enjoy our performance.


      Now decide what you want to do and call 317-696-0399 for pricing, or e-mail us at booking@mikeandjoe.com.

    • Twitter is a good way to get in free

      Joe is drinking more wine in the morning than he used to.  We think this is why he is giving away free tix via Twitter to almost every show these days.  Follow us @mikeandjoe and just wait.  Even if you don’t think our jokes are funny, surely free passes will make your day.

AEC v1.0.4

  • Here’s Cory with a bass tutorial on “My Hero”. “My Hero” is the third single from the Foo Fighters’ second album The Colour and the Shape. It was released as a single in 1998.

    *We do not own the music to this song. All rights are to Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl) and company, Recorded at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood, CA*

  • Mike is giving a guitar tutorial on how to play “The Middle”. “The Middle” is a song by the American alternative rock band Jimmy Eat World. It was released in November 2001 as the second single of their fourth album Bleed American. This is one of many songs we will be showing you how to play. *We do not own the music to this song. All rights are to Jimmy Eat World and company*



  • Here is our live rendition of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle.” Our good friend Mike took a video of us playing on St. Patricks Day at a club called 115 Bourbon Street outside of Chicago.


Name:  Mike Notaro
Lives:  Arlington Heights, IL
From:  Mt Prospect, IL
Plays:  Gibson Les Pauls and Takamine acoustic guitars
Football:  Bears
Baseball:  Cubs
Hockey:  Blackhawks
Favorite Song To Play At The Moment:  Over My Head, The Fray
Favorite Local Band:   Chris Buehrle is a super-talented Chicago singer/songwriter whom I both work with and love listening to.  Bluesy/soulful folk rock with a side of tasty riffs!  Also, wish more people (and record labels) would demand another record from Bottle of Justus (Bloomington, IL).  These guys write as well as any other alt rock band out there.  Whatta ya say Gents?
Music:  After playing, listening to and learning songs for our band, I tend to listen to other stuff at home and on the road.  I like throwing on my Pandora stations (from Italian Traditional to Bach to Trance to Toots & the Maytals).  It gives my ears and brain a “breather” from my beloved rock music!  Otherwise, I grew up on many of the folky singer/song writers like James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, and Billy Joel.  I’m a big Guster fan, and tend to lean toward singer/songwriter stuff (Pete Yorn, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Death Cab).  Anything with killer production is on the radar, too:  Sting, Third Eye Blind, Donald Fagen – been listening a lot to the new Angels & Airwaves.  If I need new music to listen to, Aaron will send me one of his Pandora Stations . . . usually when we’re sitting next to each other in the car . . . and while he’s sticking countless Will Ferrill and random YouTube videos in my face . . . while I’m driving.
Other interests:  I like tacos.  At the moment, I can’t stop watching the badlipreading.com clips . . . particularly the Mitt Romney snippet:  “I’m a gremlin . . . and I’m leaving the party . . . and I want everyone to stuff the ice chest.”  Uh . . . kinda gotta see it. As much as I love music, spending time with my family is huge.  Coming from a big, Italian family requires a dedicated iCal calendar just for family shindigs.  Always fun, and always something going on!  When I can, I produce and engineer projects for other musicians and artists in my studio . . . my true passion.  I rarely like anything I write myself, but LOVE shaping others’ songs and visions.  Downtime is spent traveling (preferably Italy, Colorado, or Northern Cali), drinking or searching for good wine, reading Ken Follett books, and certainly not least, drinking Starbucks americanos (unless the Christmas or Thanksgiving Blend is brewin’!).

Name:  Aaron Streich
Lives:  Chicago, IL
From:  Seattle Washington, Ft. Wayne, IN., Bedford, IN., Bloomington, IN.
Football:  Bears, Colts
Baseball:  Cubs, Sox
Hockey:  Blackhawks
Favorite Song To Play:  Everlong (Foo Fighters), Hands Down (Dashboard Confessionals)
Favorite Local Band: Kick The Cat
Music I Listen to:  I love all kinds of music. I like rock, jazz fusion, jazz, classical, metal, pop, country, reggae, reggae dub, ska, atmospheric synth, guitar greats like Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen. You name it I’ll probably like it.
Some of my favorite bands are: Filter, Enter Shikari, Third Eye Blind, Miike Snow, M83′s, Band Of Horses, and the list goes on and on.
Other Interests:  I like Giordono’s and Chicago’s Pizza. I like mexican food. I’m a sucker for a good Chinese buffet. I love sushi. I like vacationing down in southwest Florida and Key west. I love eating the fresh seafood down there. Grouper sandwiches….Yummmmm!
I love to travel to warm tropical climates when I can. I’ve been to Jamaica four times. I like Chicago’s Summer festivals. I love the Air and Water Show. I love playing music for a living and entertaining. I love Jagermeister!
Name: Cory Flyn
Lives:  Chicago, IL
From:  Santa Monica, CA
Plays:  Modulus 5-string through Avalon U5 preamp and SWR Bass Amps
Football:  Bears
Baseball: White Sox
Hockey: Blackhawks
Favorite Song To Play At The Moment:  Rude (Magic!)
Music: I grew up the son of a musician and was exposed to a lot of different styles of music at an early age.  When I first started buying music, I started with Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. I then moved onto Guns n’ Roses and Metallica then really got into a lot of grunge and alternative bands in high school. Since then, I’ve tried to go out of my way to find new and interesting bands. Spotify has really changed the way I listen to music lately. It definitely exposes me to some artists that I might have otherwise never heard.Some of my favorite bands over the years include Radiohead, The Beatles, Interpol, Grizzly Bear, At The Drive-In, Incubus, Jamiroquai, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, 311, Parkway Drive, Pantera, Faith No More, and Alice In Chains.
Other interests:  I love craft beers. The more hoppy the better. Being near the ocean makes me happy. I love zombie movies. I don’t know why, I just do. I play a lot more guitar at home than bass. I also do a lot of personal recording at home in my spare time. I’m getting pretty good with iMovie. I’m obsessed with the NBA and play a lot of pickup basketball. I’ve been known to play a video game or two (Usually NBA 2K or pinball). I like spending time with my Westie Dudley. My new favorite restaurant is Cheesie’s (gourmet grilled cheeses and craft beers). I love using YouTube to learn new skills
Name:  Joe Valentino
Lives:  Indianapolis, IN
From:  Pittsburgh, PA
Plays:  Fender Strats and Takamine acoustic guitars
Football:  Steelers
Baseball:  Pirates, White Sox
Hockey:  Penguins
Favorite Song To Play At The Moment:  Yellow, Coldplay
Favorite local band:  Mr Blotto.  They’re just so darn good.
Music:  I listen to mostly folk (Nickel Creek, The Civil Wars, Patty Griffin), folk rock (The Rescues, Mumford), and chill singer songwriter stuff (David Ford, Jon Mclaughlin, Brandi Carlile, Damien Rice, Ingrid Michaelson).  I like lots of mellow music.  I love vocal harmony, so anything with cool vocals is interesting to me.  I like middle of the road rock…stuff like Angels and Airwaves, Death Cab, Vertical Horizon, SafetySuit, Lifehouse, Coldplay, The 88 kind o tunes.  I do listen to a little country/crossover country…Zac Brown, Little Big Town, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw.  In the special and other category, some days are Lyle Lovett days, and some days are Umphreys McGee days.  Thats just how it is.   If you make me a CD of new music to listen to, I will make one back and send it to you.  Like, for real!
Other interests:  I like tacos.  I like adventure travel and have been to many places around the world.  I love ethnicity and experiencing ethnic food/traditions/neighborhoods.  I love putting potato chips on my sandwiches.  Love going to local art/ethnic/street fests and fairs of all types and hanging out all day.  I like fruit.  Love concerts in tiny venues, and go to quite a few.  Love Ravinia.  I like to go to Starbucks.  I love football.  I like to pace around the house when I talk on the phone.  Love hanging out with my mom.  She is the coolest.  Love trying new restaurants.  I like grammar.  I like when fans bring me presents.  I can be suckered into just about anything if tempted with coffee.  I like dry red wine.  I like investing in real estate.  I like voice activated texting.  Love putting the top down on my convertible and driving out into the middle of nowhere, getting lost, and then trying to find my way home again.  I like negotiating anything.  I like cheese.


Contact us to book the band by calling or e-mailing Joe Valentino at 317-696-0399, or booking@mikeandjoe.com


  • I WANT MIKE AND JOE TO PLAY AT MY PARTY!  No need to shout about it.  We are available for private events. Just send details to booking@mikeandjoe.com


  • I WANT MIKE AND JOE TO PLAY AT MY SCHOOL!  We love school.  School is cool.  Send us details to booking@mikeandjoe.com


  • I THINK MIKE AND JOE WOULD BE PERFECT FOR _____ FESTIVAL!  Do three things in this order.   1) Go to the festival’s website and send them a message saying that you want to see us playing at that fest.  2) Call three of your friends and have them do that same thing.  3) E-mail us (booking@mikeandjoe.com) the fest name, website, and (if you know) the name and contact information for whoever is setting up the entertainment.  We will contact them and try to get ‘er done.  Seriously, if you do those three things, there is a really good chance that the festival will call us before we call them.  For real.  Try it.



You can e-mail the entire band by sending a message to band@mikeandjoe.com

You can e-mail the band members individually by sending a message to:



You can e-mail David, our marketing and promotion director at david.painter86@gmail.com



You can e-mail us for information about production, load in, sound check, stage plots, etc to mike@mikeandjoe.com